Our History


Family life has always been central to the Ivanhoe community and in 1947 this spirit planted the seed that was to grow into Fairy Hills Kindergarten. 

1947 Mrs Rosemary Derham (Sir David and Lady Derham) of 14 Redesdale Road, Ivanhoe and her neighbours formed a playgroup.

1949 sixteen parents formed a collective and guaranteed one year’s subscription, officially starting Fairy Hills Playgroup Association. Kindergarten teacher, Miss Kathleen Harbison was engaged and a room hired at 15 Redesdale Road.


1950 fees were just six pounds for younger children and eleven pounds for older children (they have gone up just a little since then!). The current location of Thyer Road was chosen as the site. Other sites were considered, but it was felt that they were too far away (back then, private cars were not quite so plentiful).

By 1954 approval for the building had finally been obtained and tenders issued. The final cost of the building was four thousand seven hundred and  eighty six pounds twelve shillings and six pence. Imagine trying to build in Ivanhoe for that now!

On 6th June 1956 the children and their teacher Mrs Mueller moved to the current site.


1957 the name was changed to Fairy Hills Kindergarten Association.


1960 our landmark cubby house was acquired for two pounds, ten shillings and established in the lower grounds in June that year.


1987 the iconic "Lilypad Fairy" leadlight window was installed depicting what would become the logo for the kinder.

The window was created by parents David and Allison Brown.

1989 was the year the first 3 year old group commenced under the guidance of teacher Sandy Giles.


1993 new extension was completed.

2005 teacher Lisa Milgate joined.


2006 was the 50th anniversary of the kinder which was celebrated with great fanfare including the lifting of a time capsule buried 25 years earlier.


2007 Robyn Cranston was appointed Director and 4 year old teacher of FHK.

2012 a second room was opened, built from a combination of government grants and almost $100,000 of committee raised funds. This has enabled Fairy Hills to continue to offer three year old programs, together with the increased 15 hours of the 4 year old program (under Universal Access).  

2013 Lisa Milgate was appointed Director of the kinder.


2014 established an orchard development and designed a sensory garden which was completed in 2015.


2015 a new logo was created, which had been voted for by the wonderful FHK community. The sweet little boy and girl fairy was drawn in 2014 by some of our 4-year-old students.

2016 FHK introduced a new 3 year old program.

2017 FHK introduced a new after care program.

2018 The Kinder continues to grow and flourish with a much anticipated renovation (due for completion in late Dec 2018 & ready for the commencement of the new school year in Term 1 2019). These major works will further enhance our learning spaces, educational programs and beautiful outdoor playground. 2018 also saw us welcome new staff members: Teachers, Rita Casonato (Sun Group), Neena Mehta (Comet Group) and Sharon Rogers (Admin/Office and Teacher support). 


We are proud of our rich history which has enabled us to blossom into the magical kindergarten we are today. Fairy Hills Kindergarten is a truly unique, engaging and delightful place for preschool children to learn and play.

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