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Committee meetings are open to all members of the Fairy Hills Kindergarten community and we encourage the input and participation of parents. We believe that collaboration between staff and families creates the best type of governance and we warmly invite you to attend our AGM in October to learn more about our kinder. 

The Committee

The Kindergarten is run by a Parent Committee of Management, who are responsible for the general administration of the Service.Committee of Management meetings are held at the Kindergarten monthly, on the dates above and all parents are welcome to attend. The committee represents the interests of the parents and is a valuable aid in assisting the everyday running of the centre. Parents are invited to nominate for positions on the committee at the Election Meeting which is held each November. We encourage all parents to take an active role and be a part of the Kinder community, which can be lots of fun and a great way to meet other parents and families in the community!

The positions available on the Committee include:


Chairs the monthly meetings and the AGM.  Produces a newsletter once per term and is the Banyule Preschool Association delegate

Vice President:

Completes the duties of president in the event of his/her absence and performs a supporting role.


Responsible for financial planning, budgeting and reporting. Prepares monthly and annual financial reports and authorised payment of accounts.


Responsible for administration of committee, including updating policies, preparing agendas, managing correspondence and preparing minutes of any meetings.

Enrolment Secretary:

Handles enrolment enquiries and maintains the waiting list for our three year old groups. Accepts enrolment applications fees and sends out the letters of offer (mid year for the following year). Four year old enrolments are looked after by Banyule City Council.

Social Club & Fundraising Coordinators:

Oversees all social events supported by the group representatives eg. spit roast day, family picnic day, etc.

Maintenance Coordinator & Occupational Health & Safety:

Responsible for organising repair and maintenance of equipment and facilities. Preparing maintenance task list to determine what is to be done at working bees. Liaison with local council and tradespeople in relation to the kindergarten.

Responsible for assisting staff with health & safety checks and reporting findings to the Committee .

Grants Officer:

Responsible for identifying up-coming grant opportunities, raising them with the Committee and managing submissions for the grants.

Minutes Secretary:

Take monthly meeting and AGM minutes and distributes to Committee members.

Mail Officer:

Caretaker of all incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Group Representatives:

One person from each of the kinder groups represents the parents of that group. They work with the social sub-committee convener to organise social functions for the kinder a well as act as a spokesperson for that group at the committee meeting.

Kinder Clothing Officer:

Organising clothing with the Kindergarten logo printed on it. It involves preparing order forms, collecting orders, payments and distribution.

**If you are a interested in a position on the committee, or wish to attend our monthly meetings, please contact our President, Jenny Mulholland by emailing to: president@fairyhills.com.au