Four Year Old Kinder

Four-year-old kindergarten is a very important year for children as it is the beginning of your child's formal education.  "Play" is the main focus as this is the way children learn. The Kindergarten is set-up to develop all facets of a child's development.


These include:

Puzzles: provides practice in pre-mathematical skills i.e. size, shape, colour, number, classification and pattern making - all vital for problem solving and developing language skills;

Painting: allows children to freely experiment with colour, line, shape and size - developing fine motor and pre-writing skills;

Building: playing with blocks and using construction sets teaches spatial relations, balance, design, mathematical concepts as well as working cooperatively in small groups;

Books: fosters a love of literature and appreciation of the written language as well as developing pre- reading and pre-writing skills;

Sensory play: allowing children to play with sand, dough, water is an open ended activity allowing children to talk about how things feel, smell and look as well as expressing their own feelings in a non-threatening way;

Music: movement and dance allow for creative expression through the use of the children's bodies in a free and uninhibited manner.  Through the use of song, instruments and activities focusing on beat, rhythm and tone, children develop confidence and self-esteem;

Outdoor play: while children are climbing, swinging, balancing, jumping etc. they are developing co-ordination, co-operation and gross motor skills; and

Dramatic play: while role playing and pretending, children learn how to co-operate, take turns, interact and talk about their feelings and respect the feelings of others.


Fairy Hills Director and Leading Early Childhood Teacher for the 4's: Kerry Benton 
Other ECTs and Educators for our 4's:

                                               Sun Group                                      ECT: Natasha                        Co-educator:  Zhuo


                                               Moon group                                    ECTs: Kerry/Peggy      Co-educator: Zhuo



                                               Comet group                                  ECT:  Neena                     Co- Educator: Bianca






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