Three Year Old Kinder

The 3 year old program provides a flexible, nurturing and play-based environment that caters for the individual interests of the children. When working with this age group we provide a strong social focus as this is a crucial time to foster skills such as sharing, turn taking and beginning to understand the needs of others. The 3 year old year is also a time of great discovery in the world around us and we aim to foster enquiry, creativity and a love of learning in our children.

We also work on building their confidence and independence as they take their first tentative steps away from home and it is a perfect time to start learning how competent and capable they can be.

We encourage children to be responsible for their belongings and to learn how to dress themselves.  We also develop skills in the other domains of development such as physical skills and intellectual skills.

Please note: When allocating our groups, (no matter when your application is received by us), we must give preference to children who turn 3 by the beginning of that school year. If your child's birthday falls between Term 1, whilst it is not impossible to receive an offer, it is unlikely. If you are still interested, we would encourage you to complete an application form to be placed on our wait list.


For enrolment information, please go to our ENROL tab

We are currently offering 3 groups -  this number is dependent on enrolments and can change from year to year.




Three Year Old Teachers

Group Leaders:  Natalie & Bianca

Educator: Peggy

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